A young reader dives in to Sheila Says We’re Weird.

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Fresh Green World is my site about the power of stories as we move into a new phase of our history on the planet. I hope you will explore Fresh Green World for resources and ideas about education, health, earth stewardship, and community. Feel free to contact me if you would like to brainstorm about projects in any of these areas!

Defender_covimgThe Latest News:

The further adventures of Rachel and Sam are underway! I’m working on a sequel to Defender of Dirt, called Running with the Sun. The kids are about to tackle more challenges, using their ingenuity to solve big and small problems.  Learning about renewable energy, navigating neighborhood dynamics, and cracking the mystery of a sick Scottie dog, Rachel and Sam grow their confidence like a well-tended garden.

New Venue for Defender of Dirt: I’m getting down to the last original copies of Defender of Dirt, in the100% recycled paper, locally-published, eco-friendliest form. If you would like one of these before they are all gone, please let me know! I’m currently considering making them available on-line, through CreateSpace at Amazon, so that more kids and families have access to them. I’ll keep you updated on the progress with that, and with Running with the Sun.

Sheila Says We’re Weird also has a sequel under consideration at Tilbury House. This one is all about food–particularly harvesting, preserving, and preparing the gifts of the garden. But, also, cheese! Entitled Sheila Makes Mozzarella, the story features Tina’s family having delicious fun making salsa, pesto, smoothies, and other garden-based goodies, and the always curious Sheila, finding her favorite food.